Elite and enthusiast class video cards need a tremendous amount of power. For several years many manufacturers installed more than one graphics processor on the card. The drove the industry to new designs and even higher power requirements. Over time PC ATX power supplies grew from 200 W to over 1,500 W of 12 V power.

8800 GTX128 CUDA90nm12181Wpair 6-pin
GTX 280240 CUDA65nm14236W6-pin and 8-pin
GTX 285240 CUDA55nm14204W6-pin and 8-pin
GTX 480480 CUDA40nm12250W6-pin and 8-pin
GTX 580512 CUDA40nm12244W6-pin and 8-pin
GTX 6801536 CUDA28nm8195Wpair 6-pin
GTX 7802304 CUDA28nm12250W6-pin and 8-pin
GTX 980 Ti2816 CUDA28nm12250W6-pin and 8-pin
GTX Titan2688 CUDA28nm24250W6-pin and 8-pin
9800 GX2256 CUDA65nm16197W6-pin and 8-pin
GTX 295480 CUDA55nm28289W6-pin and 8-pin
GTX 5901024 CUDA40nm24365Wpair 8-pin
GTX 6903072 CUDA28nm16300Wpair 8-pin
GTX Titan Z5760 CUDA28nm24400Wpair 8-pin
RTX 309010496 CUDA8nm24350W12-pin
HD 59701600 stream40nm8294W6-pin and 8-pin
Sapphire HD 69701536 stream40nm8287W6-pin and 8-pin
HD 79702048 stream28nm12210W6-pin and 8-pin
R9 290X2816 stream28 nm12300W6-pin and 8-pin
R9 290X 8GB2816 stream28nm12330Wpair 8-pin
HD 69903072 stream40nm16375Wpair 8-pin
HD 79904096 stream28nm24400Wpair 8-pin
R9 295 X25632 stream28nm24500Wpair 8-pin