The Digital Equipment PDP-7 is a new low cost 18-bit computer. The basic cost is $72,000 which is far less than IBM’s hardware. DEC said the new machines should be available in 3-4 months.

This machine uses a wire wrap design. It also is the first computer to use the new patented Flip-Chip boards. These boards contain several transistors which make up the core logic.

The computer has a memory cycle time of 1.75 µs and add time of 4 µs. I/O includes a keyboard, printer, paper-tape and dual transport 3/4″ drives (type 555).

The standard memory capacity is 4K words (9 KB) but expandable up to 64K words (144 KB).

The machine has a shipping weight of about 1,100 lbs.

DEC provides an “advanced” Fortran II compiler, a Symbolic Assembler, Editor, DDT Debugging System, Maintenance routines and a library of arithmetic, utility and programming aids developed on the program-compatible PDP-4.