Vancouver Island is a quiet area as there are not many people living in the capital region district. The capital region includes the south island area commonly called Victoria. Politically the region is sometimes called the left coast, but the wet coast is more applicable due to the temperate rainforest environment.

The family has a farm in Sidney which is close to the ferry to the mainland. The farm acted as a springboard for exploring much of the island in the centennial year.

map courtesy Google

There are probably more natives on Vancouver Island but elders told me the area has changed a lot since the Douglas Treaties. The people of the south island are Salish which is the same as the lower mainland. The elders said there are many villages all over the coastal areas pn both sides of the island.

The south island is separated by a mountain pass called the Malahat which leads eventually to Nanaimo. The highway runs north along the inside passage through several communities such as Courtney, Campbell River and Port McNeil.

Forest products dominate the economy. Some small farms exist on the south island. The agricultural land reserve restricts the expansion of the houses forcing higher density developments.

Downtown Victoria built a new centennial center to act as a venue for the performing arts along with the city hall buildings. The local politicians said that $3 million was close to the total budget.

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