CPU-Zone 1702

The Intel 1702 EPROM is a storage device for 8-bit systems. The device uses UV light to erase it, and then it can be reprogrammed. The advantages are obvious.

  • Intel 1702
  • 2048-bit array
  • 256×8 organization
  • PMOS technology
  • Chip Select pin
  • 24-pin DIP

Programming the array only takes about 2 minutes. The device is static MOS, no clock required. -48V is required to program the 1702. The window should be covered to prevent accidental erasure when developing a ROM product.

The chip select allows an array of 1702 to be used with a decoder to create a larger block of EPROMs.

The metal masked Intel 1302 is a pin for pin identical unit for mass produced units.