Your webmaster drinks a lot of orange juice. Most of the time it’s made from frozen concentrate. The concentrate seems to be degraded slightly but the nutrition is not seriously impacted. Orange juice is 100 time better than Coca-Cola etc which is devoid of even basic nutrition.

Orange juice is rich is ascorbic acid which people need. There is also lots of potassium which people also need lots of. The body can make citric acid so the acid is not crucial but it does add to the tartness of the juice. There are some B vitamins and this helps with basic nutrition. A standard 8 ounce cup of sweet orange juice is about 111 kilocalories.

I drink about 2-3 cups a day of orange juice. It seems to go well with bananas and apples. A garden salad is easy to prepare and it also is completed by a cup of orange juice. Lettuce, cabbage and carrots seem to keep better than more complex salads. Celery does not last long and neither do cucumbers so such salads last maybe 2-3 days at best. Sharp knives are handy for cutting up cabbage etc.

Much of the fluid intake is still water as people need at least 3-4 liters to maintain a healthy metabolism. Drinking lots of water is very important.

Concentrated orange juice is traded with 15,000 pound contracts. That is enough too open up a rival juice company and 15,000 pounds can make a huge number of pasteurized frozen juice containers. Machinery to pack the juice is more costly.