Orbit was produced by Atari in 1978. Two players. Each player controls his/her spaceship (shaped like the Star Trek Enterprise and Klingon ships) trying to destroy each other’s ship.

Orbit is a raster version of the old Space War vector game. Gameplay has the player orbit the central sun.

One hit will either partially or completely destroy the others ship. If partially, and space stations are selected you can repair and rearm your ship to go back for revenge.

The game emulates the spacecraft orbiting the sun. The game changes the orbit into an elliptical which is about as much as the 8-bit CPU can handle.

This game is timed so there is no limit on the number of ships you can have. The game also has several difficulties:

  • beginner
  • intermediate
  • expert
  • super expert

The CPU is a MC6800 and the stereo audio is handled by dedicated circuits. The black and white monitor is positioned horizontally. There are 22 buttons to select game options.

This game was rarely seen in local arcades which tend to have no more than 50 machines.

Orbit screenshot