Super Speed Race was released on November 22, 2979 by Midway. In Japan, Super Speed Race was among the top ten highest-earning arcade video games of 1977. Midway worked with Taito to convert the game to English for the US market.

Super Speed Race offered a seated position for the player. The game uses vertical scrolling which make this game very popular.

The player must again use a steering wheel and gear shifter to take up control of a car, with a single pedal to make it accelerate – and if the car crashes into a CPU-controlled car or goes off the track it will be sent back to the start. You will now also have to watch out for patches of ice and oil slicks on the track; playing time and extended play are also now adjustable, by the arcade’s operator. 

The graphics are RGB color using a NTSC monitor in vertical orientation. The game uses a Z80 processor  (running at 2.496 MHz). There is monaural audio.

The Super Speed Race game really set the tone for game design using an 8-bit processor. Makes me wonder when processors with more address pins will surface to allow more ROM memory to be used. Games now have to squeeze into a 64KB address space. Perhaps when a microprocessor can reach 256KB or 512KB where a lot more bitmaps and code can be stored.