Microsoft Decathlon was released on 1980 by Microsoft who also developed the game. Microsoft Decathlon is a sports simulation game.

This game was originally released in 1980 for the TRS-80 machine. The PC version was released in 1981 for DOS by IBM.

Microsoft Decathlon simulates the Olympic sports game with 10 distinct events. The game is played using the keyboard, which in many of the events means pressing two keys as fast as possible to gain speed.

Players can play for the cup, where they can face each event in succession, acquiring points trying for the bronze, silver or gold medals, or they can play any particular event separately in training mode.

MIcrosoft put a lot of effort into this game.


Operating SystemCP/M or PC-DOS
CPUZ-80 or 8088
Memory56 KB or more
Hard Drive SpaceN/A
Graphics HardwareCGA
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