Bosconian was released circa November 1981 by Midway. The game was developed by Namco. Bosconian is a side-scroller action game.

The player controls a small fighter ship that can move in eight directions, and can fire both forward and backward.

A round consists of a number of green enemy bases that must all be destroyed to advance to the next round (a semi-transparent automap helps identify their location).

A station consists of six cannons arranged in a hexagon, surrounding a central core. Players must either destroy all six cannons or shoot the core to destroy a station, and in later rounds the core is capable of defending itself (opening and closing while launching missiles). Sometimes a base will launch a formation attack.

Players must avoid or destroy stationary asteroids, mines, and a variety of enemy missiles and ships which attempt to collide with his or her ship.

Scoring points by destroying enemy missiles and bases can be used for high score. The game rolls over to a new game at level 255. Game supports 2 players taking turns.

The machine used three Z80 processors and 2 sound controllers. The RGB color 244×288 is standard.