Gauntlet was released on October 1985 by Atari who also developed the game. Gauntlet  is a hack and slash action game. Atari game designer Ed Logg designed the game.

Gauntlet is one of the first multi-player dungeon crawl arcade games.

The game offered a TMS5220C speech chip that was encoded by Earl Vickers.

The game is wider than most to support up to 4 players. The gameplay is basic 2D with colored blocks to represent players pieces etc. each player has a joystick and 2 buttons.

While contact with enemies reduces the player’s health, health also slowly drains on its own, thus creating a time limit. When a character’s health reaches zero, that character dies.

The character can be revived in place with full health by spending a game credit (i.e. inserting a coin) within a certain short time window after they have died. This allows even the least proficient players to keep playing indefinitely, if they are willing to keep inserting coins.

The machine has improved 336 y 240 resolution graphics. The machine uses a 68010 CPU with a 6502 for auxiliary processing.

This game went on to sell about 7.,864 machines during its sales cycle.