Chessmaster 2000 cover.png

Chessmaster 2000 was released on July 31, 1986 by the Software Toolworks. The game was developed by Software Toolworlds. Chessmaster 2000 is a strategy game.

Chess is very much a turn based strategy game. Chessmaster 2000 made a splash at the US Chess Federation annual tournament.

Chessmaster beat Sargon III and MyChess 2.0. Chessmaster also overcame the Cray Blitz running on a supercomputer.

One advantage Chessmaster 2000 has it the 71,000 position opening book which affords the program the ability to find advantageous lines.

The game can play CPU vs CPU to show players how some lines play out. It has a rich array of features such as take back moves.

The 2D board has notation on the edges so that players can see how chess notation works. The game also has a 3D mode but it lacks the board notation and clocks etc. The 3D board can be rotated in 90 degree increments to allow the game to be seen from any angle.

Chessmaster 2000 is about 2000 Elo rating which is not bad for a program running on a new 80386 processor. Most will be playing this game on a 8088 which is now very affordable but the slower CPU will reduce the game to 1900 Elo.

The game comes on a single 360K floppy disk. There is a patch to run the game from the hard disk.


Operating SystemIBM PC-DOS
CPU8088 4.7 MHz or faster
Memory128 KB
Hard Drive Space120 KB
Graphics HardwareCGA graphics