The Everex Evergraphics EV-673 (PWA-00271-00) is an 8-bit ISA display adapter.

  • 256 KB memory, bank switched
  • 640×400 256 colors
  • EVEREX VGA chip
  • 8-bit ISA 12″ card

Depending on the switch settings the EV-673 can be configured for several monitor types.

The EV-673 can also emulate the Hercules card with an IBM 5151 or compatible monitor. It can also work with the new VGA and MCGA monitors from IBM.

CN1 is a 9-pin TTL monitor connection. CN2 is a 15-pin analog connection. P2 can connect an auxiliary display device. This card requires a 14 pin VGA cable, will not work with standard 15 pin VGA cables.

The Everex EV-673 EGA/VGA display card requires a special VDD (virtual display driver) to operate correctly under Windows 3.0 in enhanced mode. You do not need the special driver for real or standard mode.

This Everex driver is named 673WIN3.EXE, and has a file size of 54218 bytes and a date of August 8, 1990. Earlier versions of this driver should not be used.

This driver may be obtained from Everex Technical Support at (510) 498-1115, or by modem from the Everex electronic bulletin board at (510) 226-9694. Installation instructions are included in the driver package.

According to Everex, there is no similar driver for Windows 3.1. The only workaround is to select EGA display.