Driller was released on December 1, 1987 by Incentive. The game was developed by Major Developments.  Driller is a  3D strategy / action game featuring scaling and rotating polygon graphics

You’re the sole voyager happening upon an abandoned space station that’s ready to explode from the pressure of dangerous vapors building up inside. For each sector, you must locate the build-up area, then drill to release the pressure.

The game features 18 different areas to explore, each with its own unique laws of physics and logic, and a number of secret rooms and hidden levels to discover.

The game is completely 3D which gives it a distinction of being a real pioneer. The engine, code named Freescape, is a real gem at a time when nobody else had such vision. The player can look up and down was well as rotate left and right.

The same engine was used for Driller’s sequel, Dark Side, as well as Total Eclipse, The Sphinx Jinx, Castle Master and Castle Master II: The Crypt.


Operating SystemMS-DOS
CPU80286 or better
Memory640 KB
Hard Drive Space1 MB
Graphics HardwareVGA 2MB


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