Hovertank 3D was released in April 1991 by Softdisk. The Game was developed by id Software.Hovertank 3D is a first person shooter.

The first 3D PC game ever! Hovertank 3D debuted the amazing technology that was used to usher in the first person shooter genre with Wolfenstein 3D.

You are mercenary Brick Sledge, and you’ve been hired by an unknown organization to rescue people from cities targeted for limited nuclear strikes. With an energy cannon as your main weapon, you must race against the clock, blasting away at nuclear mutants, armored patrols and other terrors bent on your destruction. Innocent lives depend on you and your Hovertank.

Get in, get `em, and get out, before you get nuked!

The player must drive a hovertank through the levels and try to find the people Brick is supposed to rescue. There are also many enemies in the levels, who are hunting down the people as well as the player. The player can keep track of both people and enemies in the radar box at the bottom of the screen. There is also a timer that counts how long until the nuke is dropped.

This game is a real landmark in 3D first person view type games.


Operating SystemMS-DOS 3.2 or better
CPU80386 or better
Memory640 KB
Hard Drive Space20 MB
Graphics HardwareEGA

This game comes on 3½” floppies.