Spear of Destiny was released on September 18, 1992 by FormGen. The game was developed by id Software. Spear of Destiny is a first person shooter.

Spear of Destiny is set as a prequel of the Wolfenstein series. The game itself consists of 21 levels, including two secret ones and a boss level. Two mission packs, serving as sequels and total conversions for the game, were released later.

B.J. Blazkowicz is sent to frustrate Adolf Hitler who wants the legendary Spear of Destiny from Versailles In order to stop Hitler, Blazkowicz is sent to interfere, marking his first chronological mission in the original series (but probably not the first in his career). B.J. enters the castle only to encounter heavy resistance by Nazi personnel. He also encounters Dr. Schabbs’s mutants for the first time – necessitating Schabbs’s assassination in the future.

B.J. defeats Trans Grösse, the first member of the heavy-armored Grösse family, then Barnacle Wilhelm, the castle’s jailor, the Übermutant, Dr. Schabbs’ masterpiece, and the Death Knight, a heavy-armored castle commander and final protector of the Spear. Upon capturing the Spear, however, B.J. is immediately sucked into Hell, where the Angel of Death awaits to challenge him to find out if he is worthy of wielding the Spear of Destiny.


  1. Tunnels 1 (map)
  2. Tunnels 2 (map)
  3. Tunnels 3 (map)
  4. Tunnels 4 (map)
  5. Tunnel Boss (map) Boss level – Trans Grosse
  6. Dungeons 1 (map)
  7. Dungeons 2 (map)
  8. Dungeons 3 (map)
  9. Dungeons 4 (map)
  10. Dungeon Boss (map) Boss level – Barnacle Wilhelm
  11. Castle 1 (map)
  12. Castle 2 (map)
  13. Castle 3 (map)
  14. Castle 4 (map)
  15. Castle 5 (map)
  16. Castle Boss (map) Boss level – Übermutant
  17. Ramparts (map)
  18. Ramparts Boss (map) Boss level – Death Knight
  19. Secret 1 (map) Secret level – accessed from Tunnels 4
  20. Secret 2 (map) Secret level – accessed from Castle 2
  21. The Death Dimension (map) Boss level – Angel of Death

This game really set the tone for games to come.


DOS 5, VGA 4MB RAM with EMM386.