1 To Nil Soccer was released circa November 2,1992 by Wizard Games. The game was developed by New Era Software. 1 To Nil Soccer is a soccer (football) simulator.

1 To Nil Soccer is a top down ASCII soccer manager. Yet, in spite of its limited graphics set (mostly consisting of ANSI ASCII)  the playability and fun factor in this one is actually very good.

Teams may need to be changed, players need to be traded etc. The game is actually good enough for many evenings of fun.

This game was released as shareware which was common in the early 1990s.

We have a copy on a compilation CD-ROM and so far very little is known about the developer or publisher.


Operating SystemMS-DOS 5 or better
CPU80386-40 or better
Memory4 MB or more
Hard Drive Space100 MB
Graphics HardwareVGA