Star Control II was released on November 30, 1992 by Accolade. The game was developed by Toys for Bob. Star Control II is a top down action platform shooter.

Like the original Star Control, the gameplay consists of open space exploration, talking to alien races, and engaging in space combat via ship.

Your ship is available to upgrade and power up to help you survive in space. Outside of working on your own starship, you can also build up a fleet of other vessels to bolster your combat strength. With exploration relatively open-ended, space is your playground.

As typical of the adventure game genre, the player must explore the game world with little direction and make discoveries and connections independently.

Interaction with the various alien species is a chief part of the adventure game; the backstory of both the species from the first games and new ones were fleshed out considerably. There are hours of dialogue, each species bringing out their characteristic conversational quirks, music, and even display fonts.


Operating SystemMS-DOS 5 or better
CPU80386DX or better
MemoryEMM386 with 4 MB or better
Hard Drive Space1 MB
Graphics HardwareVGA


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