Elder Scrolls: Arena was released on March 25, 1994 by Bethesda who also developed the game. Elder Scrolls: Arena is a role playing game.

The game is played by the first person perspective. The game world is called Tamriel.

Bethesda has created a true virtual world, using light-sourcing and shadows to magnificent effect.

The game offers puddles on rain-soaked streets reflect lightning bolts in the distance; fog, snow, and mist impair your vision as you move through the countryside.

Players can discern caverns lit by firelight in the distance, and peek through keyholes before entering potentially dangerous rooms.

Mélée combat is performed by using the mouse, and dragging the cursor across the screen to attack. Mélée is the most common action.

Magic is used by cycling through a menu found by clicking the appropriate button on the main game screen, then clicking the spell to be used, and its target. The game world is very large. P

Players may explore outside cities into the wild. There they may find inns, farms, small towns, dungeons, and other places of interest.

New players may find the game difficult until they get some experience with the gameplay. The game world is huge and it’s split into 9 provinces.

The game has a reputation for being buggy so it’s advisable to save the game often.


Pentium 200 MMX, 8MB memory. DOS 5 and EMM386.EXE. VESA VGA.