Heretic was released on December 23, 1994 by GT Interactive. The game was developed by Raven Software. Heretic is first person shooter.

The player must first fight through the undead hordes infesting the location where the elders performed their ritual. At its end is the gateway to Hell’s Maw, guarded by the Iron Liches. After defeating them, the player must seal the portal and so prevent further infestation, but after he enters the portal guarded by the Maulotaurs, he finds himself inside D’Sparil’s dome. After killing D’Sparil, Corvus ends up on a perilous journey with little hope of returning home. However, he eventually succeeds in his endeavour, only to find that Parthoris is still in disarray,

Using a modified version of the Doom engine, Heretic was one of the first first-person games I have seen to feature inventory manipulation and the ability to look up and down. It also introduced multiple gib objects that spawned when a character suffered a death by extreme force or heat.

Gameplay is influenced by Doom with lots of dungeon action. Many weapons are similar to those from Doom; the early weapons in particular are near-exact copies in functionality to those seen in Doom. Raven added a number of features to Heretic that differentiated it from Doom, notably interactive environments, such as rushing water that pushes the player along, and inventory items.

One of the most interesting pickups is the “Tome of Power” which acts as a secondary firing mode for certain weapons, resulting in a much more powerful projectile from each weapon, some of which change the look of the projectile entirely. Heretic also features an improved version of the Doom engine, sporting the ability to look up and down within constraints, as well as fly.

As with Doom, Heretic contains various cheat codes that allow the player to be invulnerable, obtain every weapon, be able to instantly kill every monster in a particular level, and several other abilities.

The game used randomised ambient sounds and noises, such as evil laughter, chains rattling, distantly ringing bells, and water dripping in addition to the background music to further enhance the atmosphere. Doom and Heretic are doing wonders for sound tracks to improve the gaming experience.

Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders is the complete retail game that includes additional levels.

Heretic does not offer key mapping for easier use of game controllers etc. The game only supports VGA in 256 colors.


Operating SystemMS-DOS
CPU80386 or better
Memory2MB RAM or better
Hard Drive Space19 MB
Graphics HardwareSVGA
NetworkBroadband Internet Connection Required