MechWarrior 2 cover.jpg

MechWarrior 2 was developed and released on July 24, 1995 by Activision. MechWarrior 2 is a vehicle simulation game,

The game is set in 3057, and is played as a tactical simulation that incorporates aspects of real-time first-person combat and the physical simulation of the player’s mech. It is a game re-creation of the “Refusal War”. The player can join one of the clans, Clan Jade Falcon or Clan Wolf while engaging in up to 32 missions.

At the start of MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat, the player must join either Clan Wolf or Clan Jade Falcon, which are involved in the “Refusal War”.

The game’s battles take place on fictional extrasolar planets that are named in the franchise’s canonical media. Each battle has a goal such as search-and-destroy, reconnaissance or a base strike.

Sales of MechWarrior 2 exceeded 500,000 copies within three months of its release.


Operating SystemMS DOS 5 or better
CPUIntel i5 or better
Memory4 MB or more
Hard Drive Space120 MB
Graphics HardwareVGA graphics or better
NetworkBroadband Internet Connection Required