Microsoft Office 97 is a new release which marks the move to a fully 32-bit version of all of the components. Microsoft Office 97 also introduced product activation for some markets. The version in the studio does not require activation however awareness suggests Microsoft wants to reduce copying their software. About 5 years ago, Bill Gates said that Windows 3.1 was the most copied software. Now with Windows 95 and Office 97 available the studio is ready for business.

  • Access 97
  • Excel 97
  • Outlook 97
  • PowerPoint 97
  • Publisher 97
  • Word 97

Only the professional version offered Access. Publisher only was offered with the Small Business edition. Some additional software marketed as 97 were not included with Office disks.

  • Microsoft FrontPage 97
  • Microsoft FrontPage 98
  • Microsoft Project 98
  • Microsoft Team Manager 97

Two Office 97 applications featured easter eggs: Microsoft Word 97 contained a hidden pinball game and Microsoft Excel contained a hidden flight simulator.

Office 97 was excellent for the range of capabilities it offered. It could run on Windows 95 fine and it does fine with 8MB and more would be better for multitasking, For those who are using embedded spreadsheets etc it is advisable to have at 16 MB installed more more to be able to use more than one program at once.

Office 97 also contains Microsoft Bookshelf which was also included with Office 95 and Office 4.3 CD-ROMs.

Excel can handle extraordinarily large projects, It is quite cable of handling statistical analysis of sales and it can even help with pro forma reports.