ING DIRECT launched a new no fee banking service in Canada, Dutch actor Frederik de Groot served as the company’s spokesperson in ING Direct Canada television commercials.

Canadians had no real choice in banking. The big banks all offered pretty much the same thing – low interest, with high fees and service charges. We knew we could give Canadians a better option.

Many Canadians understand that safe, secure and innovative banking can be done in a more direct way. Because our vision so closely aligns with these Canadian values, we remain the leading direct bank in Canada.

I opened an account immediately with them as they are no feed across the board. ING told me they had over one hundred thousand accounts in the first year. ING was paying 2.75% interest while banks were paying almost nothing. Undoubtedly the better interest rates attracted a lot of savings accounts.

ING is registered as a bank in Canada and subject to the banking act. ING is assigned institution number 614. All accounts have the transit number 00152.