Blood was released on May 31, 1997 By GT Interactive. The game was developed by Monolith Productions. Blood is a first person shooter.

Blood is the goriest, bloodiest, most horrific 3D first-person action game ever made. Visit a dark near-future world populated by hundreds of bloodthirsty enemies.

The player takes the role of Caleb in his quest for revenge against his former master by navigating levels in episodes, looking for an exit, until the “boss” level where the player must defeat a large opponent. The episodes are ordered to follow the game’s storyline, though they can be played in any order.

Gameplay is similar to Doom. Players have to activate a series of switches etc to move through the levels.

Blood is one of the earliest FPS games to feature alternate or secondary attack modes for its weapons; most weapons in Blood have two different modes, whereas weapons in previous FPS games usually had only a single type of attack.

Blood also has “super secret” areas which are very hard to find or reach and contain large rewards for discovering them.


MS-DOS  Pentium MMX 200. 2GB memory. The game is on Steam titled Blood: One Whole Unit.