We began developing our site with Microsoft Frontpage 98. We used it with Windows 98’s personal web server. Frontpage was around last year as the 97 edition however we did not have a web sever at that time. Frontpage is low cost at $49.

Frontpage 98 also fixed a lot of issues seen with Frontpage 97.

We had cable internet in 1998 so we were able to take advantage of the Windows 98 personal web server. This was much easier to implement than using Microsoft’s NT server which ws expensive and had high system requirements. While Windows 98 personal web server was not very powerful, it was able to handle a fair level io traffic.

Frontpage is a WYSIWYG type editor. It has major views, code, the live HTML and a split screen mode. Most of the time we ended up using the code view as the editor lacked many capabilities needed for CSS and formating etc.

While marketed as web development without the need for programming. Anything more sophisticated than a static page does need some code.

Frontpage 98 was focused mostly on hyperlinks and handling folders. Our site in the early days was a crude assemblage of HTML  This setup continued for many years.

Frontpage was positioned as part of Microsoft Office for many years. Word and Excel can both export to HTML. Office 2003 abandoned Frontpage which was being bundled with some versions of Windows Server.

Web development was limited to one site per server for a long time. Eventually Linux and Windows Server 2008 changed things so that multiple sites could be hosted by a single server reducing costs.

Frontpage 98 works with Windows 98 through Windows XP which support the Frontpage server extensions. Microsoft has updated Frontpage many times since we first started changing from the old bulletin board system.