Colin McRae Rally was released July 15, 1998 by Codemasters. The game was developed by Codemasters Digital. Colin McRae Rally is an off road rally driving game. An updated version was released on Steam July 30, 2014.

Colin McRae Rally is a reboot of the classic 1998 game by the same title.  The franchise has been a critical and commercial success and is generally acknowledged as a pioneer of realistic rally sports racing games. The series is named after the World Rally Championship driver Colin McRae, who provided technical advice during development.

Codemasters have cited the arcade game Sega Rally as a strong influence on Colin McRae Rally. There have been many racing game discs published over the years.

By default the game game is 3rd person looking over the top of the car but the player can change that to the cockpit if desired. The game also can be viewed from the hood of the card.

Colin McRae Rally has a simple damage model system, a couple championships with each a fair amount of stages. And only after a couple stages you’re allowed to repair some of the major damage to your car, so be careful. The navigator is voiced by none other than Nicky Grist, Colin McRae’s navigator at the time.

This release will appeal to players who are new to the genre, the game is very easy to play. The game supports the steering wheel and pedals for car games but the mouse and keyboard work fine.

The game seems to feature Ford which is shown in the splash screen as the licensed car provider. The first car we played with is the Ford Focus which is the low cost model, however after a few laps the car was in need of some repair. Sliding around in the dirt into a tree does trash the side panels.

In total there are 4 different cars and 3 countries.

Overall this release has the gameplay of the classics. The trees do not bend, instead the card is stopped dead and there are narrow roads and other hazards to cope with. The Physics are very basic considering the game was released in 2014.

We noticed that this game lacks online capability which would have made this game a real success with friends all chasing each other around a rally etc.