Alien vs Predator was released on April 30, 1999 by Fox. The game was developed by Rebellion. Alien vs Predator is first person shooter.

Aliens vs Predator is similar to the game seen on the old Atari Jaguar (1994) that Rebellion also developed. Alien vs Predator allows player to select 3 different gameplay modes, colonial marines, the predators or the aliens.

As the Colonial Marine the player uses a number of weapons to combat Aliens and Predators. The marine wears armor for protection and uses an image intensifier and flares to improve visibility in dark areas.

When playing as the Predator the player uses a variety of weapons from the Predator films such as wrist blades, a throwing disc, and shoulder-mounted energy weapons.

As an Alien the player can explore most of the game’s environments freely, even climbing across walls and ceilings. The Alien has no weapons, however, using its claws, tail, and jaws to attack enemies.

The predator is the most robust and the alien is the most agile. The marine has the most tactical gameplay.

Several bonus levels allow each player character access to portions of the missions of the other characters. The give the game the ability toi use the maps more effectively.

The Steam version of this game was released in 2010 and it includes the expansions and Millennium Expansion Pack. The steam version has working multiplayer game servers available.


Operating SystemWindows XP or better
CPUPentium II 400 MMX or better
Memory128 mB or more
Hard Drive Space500 mb
Graphics HardwareFX 5800 or better
NetworkBroadband Internet Connection Required

The Steam version of the game supports the XBox 360 Controller for Windows.


To set a custom resolution in this game, go to the hidden folder C:\Users\YourUserName:\AppData\Local\Rebellion\AvP Classic. Open video.cfg with Notepad and change the resolution manually.