Asheron’s Call was released November 2, 1999 by Microsoft Game Studios until 2004 when developer took over. The game was developed by Turbine Entertainment. Asheron’s Call is a massive fantasy multiplayer online role playing game.

Set in a heroic-fantasy world, Asheron’s Call allows players to create a character, or avatar from one of six (as of March 2010 Event) in-game races.

The player initially allocates a limited number of attribute points (such as ‘Strength’, ‘Coordination’, and ‘Quickness’) and selects skills (such as ‘Unarmed Combat’, ‘War Magic’ and ‘Melee Defense’) for the character, with those base skills starting at a level determined by the character’s attributes.

Unlike many other games of the genre characters are not locked into a specific class, and can even reallocate previously selected skills to acquire other skills later in the game.


The world itself is large at over 500 square miles (1,300 km2). Unlike many other games in the genre, there are no zones, players are free to move about.

This means players can cross the world on foot without loading screens or invisible barriers and any terrain that can be seen in the distance was a real object in the world.

It also had a much longer field of view then other games of the time, with mountains, bodies of water and other terrain being visible long before it was actually approached.


The game is subscription multi-player only. The game servers have long ago been closed.


The first expansion, Dark Majesty, was released on 2001. A second expansion, Throne of Destiny, which includes a graphics upgrade, new player race and new landmass was released on July 18, 2005. In addition to the expansion packs, the in-game story is advanced by monthly updates, which introduce new quests and gameplay dynamics as part of the subscription package. Both expansions include the full version of the game