We claim proprietor trademark for the name “Hardcore Games” and the banner design which is present on every page on the site. Passing off as Hardcore Games™ is a common law tort enforceable in Canada. Its also a criminal offence which contravenes several statutes.

The company handling the TK country domain ended up with a lot of spam complaints during the gold rush period tech bubble. This lead to Google reducing the page rank of the entire TK TLD for several years. We used to use the hardcore-games.tk domain however it is now defunct.

The old portal dot.tk now redirects to a new domain where DNS registrations are being offered for other top level domains.

The TK domains were widely used as they were being given out for free. We registered several domains in 2000-2005 period as Linux was able to host several web sites. Eventually Windows Server 2008 was able to handle multiple web sites.


Unfortunately the portal is now closed and we are not able to use the DNS servers. The domain now points to a malicious site with a looping alert designed to mislead users.

The old portal is now closed and new TLD domains are being offered with a new portal.


Beware of the scam phone number 1-855-952-4277 which is known to use several fraudulent scams. The domain also uses popups to scare the unsuspecting.

Scammers posing as PowerStream Energy Services representatives have called customers requesting an immediate payment. They may threaten to disconnect your service or ask for payment from a pre-paid card. This is a scam. Don’t provide any personal or account information, and do not make payments to these callers.

Please report such calls to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (1-888-495-8501), and PowerStream Energy Services Customer Care (1-855-952-5280).