Counter-Strike was released on November 1, 2000 by Valve who also developed the game. Counter-Strike is a first person action multiplayer shooter.

Counter-Strike is one of many arena style games that came to the market in the late 1990s. The games give up to 32 players the chance to play in one of two teams in a versus combat game. plays who die are respawned quickly. This game is sure to be very popular due to the incredible gameplay.

Valve designed this game as a response to the popular Quake 3 Arena. The growing multiplayer deathmatch has become the most popular shooter genre to date. Like Quake 3, there is no real discernable plot to Counter-Strike.

Gameplay is very rapid and the use of cover can be of great help when 4-5 players are all gunning for you.

Fresh out of the box, the new player gets a pair of pistols to fight it out. Weapons can be picked up as play continues.

Set in various locations around the globe, players assume the roles of members of combating teams of the governmental counter-terrorist forces and various terrorist militants opposing them. During each round of gameplay, the two teams are tasked with defeating the other by the means of either achieving the map’s objectives, or else eliminating all of the enemy combatants.

Each player may customize their arsenal of weapons and accessories at the beginning of every match, with currency being earned after the end of each round.

Custom maps and weapons are plentiful. The standard game modes are:

  • Bomb Defusal
  • Hostage Rescue
  • Assassination

Standard monetary bonuses are awarded for winning a round, losing a round, killing an enemy, being the first to instruct a hostage to follow, rescuing a hostage, planting the bomb (Terrorist) or defusing the bomb (Counter-Terrorist).

There is a scoreboard. Players can keep track of kills as the round continues.

Deal players can still spectate while they await the next round.


This game was loaded with cheating so Valve worked by banning players for 2 years. Changes to the way it works have changes over time. Players can also vote to ban an alleged cheater.


500 mhz processor, 96mb ram, 16mb video card, Windows 98, Mouse, Keyboard, Internet Connection. The game has been patched to work with modern systems several times.