Red Faction was released on September 18, 2001 by THQ. The game was developed by Volition. Red Faction is a first person shooter.

Red Faction revolutionizes next generation first person gaming with Geo-Mod technology with the ability to completely alter and destroy the environment in real-time.

Originally this game’s engine was going to be used for a new Descent release. Instead Parker and the engine became Red Faction.

The game offers 20 diverse levels with 15 weapons of mass destruction. Hijack five fully armed land, sea and air vehicles. Red Faction is a revolution.

The player takes on the role of Parker who is lured to Mars by the Ultor Corporation’s promise of a better life, thousands have come to seek their fortune and work for the massive mining company. But all is not as it seems. A deadly plague is sweeping through the barracks, and miners suffer daily abuse at the hands of the Ultor guards. Is a revolution on the horizon?

Red Faction does not stray far from the mainstream shooter genre. There are lots of weapons to use. The destructible feature is more gimmick than substance. Some of the game action requires some sneaking around. Stationary guns can make it tricky so some planning is needed to discover the way past.

The aim control is comparatively good with physics to make the fighting more realistic. Weapon fire has to be accurate to cause any real damage and depending on the weapon it can take a few hits to make a kill.

There is no setting to adjust the mouse so use the control panel if it’s too hard to play the game. The game does not autosave, but you can save it at any point.


  • Geo-Mod technology — the only FPS with real-time, arbitrary geometry modification
  • Unparalleled multiplayer action, with Geo-Mod specific strategies
  • Advanced physics simulation – supports falling geometry, particles and liquid
  • Five land, sea and air vehicles to commandeer and control
  • A compelling storyline across 20 diverse levels
  • Stealth and action driven objectives
  • Varied environments including natural settings unique to the genre
  • Dynamic, real-time lighting including lightmaps, object shadow casting and more
  • Advanced AI behavior
  • Real-time skeletal deformation and interpolation for silky smooth animations
  • Location-based damage system
  • Multiplayer support for LAN and TCP-IP (up to 32 players)


Operating SystemWindows 98 or better
CPUPentium II 400 or better
Memory64 MB or more
Hard Drive Space100 MB
Graphics HardwareDX8

There is a patched EXE to support modern widescreen systems.