Return to Castle Wolfenstein was released on November 19, 2001 by id Software. The game was developed  by Grey Matter studios. Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a first person shooter.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein brings back the year 1943 when WWII was in full swing. The player takes on the role of US Army Ranger B.J. Blazkowicz and British operative Agent One are sent into Egypt to investigate increasing activity of the Nazi SS Paranormal Division.

The multiplayer capability eventually became this games biggest attraction. Players are divided into 2 sides, Allied and Axis. This was controversial as some were very sensitive to the atrocities of WWII.

There are three different modes of play in Wolf MP, each allowing for a different experience – objective, stopwatch, and checkpoint.

There are still a few servers however they are usually  populated with AI bots as few play this game anymore.


  • Epic Environments
  • Intense Story-Driven Action
  • Ferocious A.I.
  • Big Screen Cinematic Effects
  • Team-Based Multiplayer Action


This game needs at least a Pentium II-400 to be playable with a 32MB OpenGL capable video card. Game is a bit over 800MB in size installed.