Aquanox was released November 30, 2001 by Fishtank Interactive. The game was developed by Massive Development. Aquanox is futuristic submarine simulation.

Throughout the game, Flint earns money by completing missions, allowing him to purchase better subs, weapons and equipment. The new equipment appears throughout the game, available for purchase, as the player progress in the storyline. Generally speaking, the player is allowed to buy a new boat and a new set of weaponry per chapter. While on stations, Flint can speak with various characters in order to get new missions and deepen the atmosphere of the game.

Its like an RPG in the sense that you talk to so many NPC’s and your missions are kind of like the quest in RPG’s.

The former system of upgrading the vessel with a variety of defensive turrets has been simplified by fixing the player’s view to the cockpit as well as permitting the usage of only two on hull installed cannons.

As the result of this change, the controls of the submarine have been adapted to the first-person shooter’s mouse-based layout, removing the need for the joystick, thus the game has compromised its tactical depth in order to increase the insensitivity of combat.

This change has raised critique among the reviewers, stating that the developers’ focus fell inadequately on the visual performance rather than the actual gameplay of its predecessor.

The game includes a vast amount of true information on oceans, such as origins of different species, their specifics and man’s adaptation to submarine life. The game manual consists of two chapters explaining various terms and facts that have been mentioned throughout the course of the story.

The game only contains the first half of the planned storyline, which explains why it seems to end in the middle of everything without a proper resolution.

This game story has its roots back to 1996 with the classic Archimedean Dynasty. The last release is AquaNox 2: Revelation.


Operating SystemWindows 98 or better
CPUIntel Pentium III or better
Memory128 MB or more
Hard Drive Space1.16 GB
Graphics HardwareHD 3000 or better
NetworkBroadband Internet Connection Required

This game actually works fine on Windows XP, Vista, and even Windows 10