Q*bert was released on February 22, 2002 by Gottlieb who also developed the game. Q*bert is a 3D puzzle game.

The game board is made up of cubes stacked into a triangle. The game is played with a single 4-way joystick.

The player controls Q*bert, who starts each game at the top of a pyramid made of 28 cubes, and moves by hopping diagonally from cube to cube.

Landing on a cube causes it to change color, and changing every cube to the target color allows the player to progress to the next stage.

Initially landing on each cube once is enough to level up. Later on however things get a tad harder.

There are several hazards to cope with. A collision with purple enemies is fatal to the character, whereas the green enemies are removed from the board.

Multicolored floating discs on either side of the pyramid serve as an escape from danger, particularly the snake.

Other headaches are creatures that change the colors forcing the player to do them over etc.

The game uses an 8088 CPU with RGB color 244×256 graphics. The game uses a 6502 for handling the sound. The machine sold for $2600 a unit and about 25,000 were sold.