Chemicus Journey To The Other Side was released on March 15, 2002 by Tivola. The game was developed by HEUREKA-Klett Softwareverlag Gmb.  Chemicus Journey To The Other Side is an educational game.

This game feels a lot like Myst and Riven.

Another world, shrouded in secrecy & intrigue, lies on the other side of our reality. In the mysterious city of Chemicus, sacred power and scientific knowledge from the beginning of time is guarded. When an intruder accidentally travels there through the discovery of an ancient amulet, the tranquility of  Chemicus is disturbed.

The balance between our worlds is in danger.

It’s up to you to solve the riddles, gain knowledge and to use your intelligence to unlock the secrets. Journey to this virtual world in chaos and enter, if you dare, the amazing city of Chemicus. You must search, You must explore, You must experiment!


  • Over 2000 Compelling 3D Images
  • Hours of breathtaking 3d movies
  • Stunning Landscapes to visit
  • Alluring interiors to explore