Cabelas Big Game Hunter 6 was released on August 27, 2002 by Activision Value. The game was developed by Cabela. Cabelas Big Game Hunter 6 is a hunting sim.

This is the sixth installment in Cabela’s Big Game Hunter series that gives you a choice between live action video and 3D hunting.

Choose from one of six characters, each one with his or her strengths and weaknesses, and then hunt down more than 16 different animals.

After the hunt, head back to the lodge to purchase authentic Cabela hunting gear. To give you a realistic hunting experience, the game’s animal behavior and game design are based on actual DNR information.


  • Cabela’s Big Game Hunter 6 submerges the player in a fully 3D rendered world
  • Combination of both real-live video and a 3D world
  • 4 regions with 3 seasons each, plus target ranges – New Mexico, Manitoba, Mississippi, & Colorado
  • Exceptional 3D graphics, trees and moving grass, varied terrains, hunting lodge and warden station
  • Both big game and varmint hunting
  • Detailed animals with superior AI
  • 17 different animals
  • 4 characters to choose from
  • 11 firearms and 2 bows to choose from
  •  Featuring actual Cabela’s gear