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The Archive Viper 2525S is a 525MB DC6000 class tape drive. It is designed for the DC 6525 tapes which are now much less expensive compared the older slower DC2000 tapes. The Archive Viper 2525S uses a faster SCSI interface.

  • VIPER 2525S
  • SCSI interface
  • 5.25 in. half height
  • QIC-24, QIC-120, QIC-150, QIC-525

The faster SCSI tape system allowed backups to be complete in far less time. The much larger capacity of the 525MB tapes can handle even the largest DOS file system.

With the PCI SCSI card, the VIPER 2525S moves at full speed with no delays. The older ISA SCSI cards work fine but the PCI card is the best choice.

Unlike DC2000 tapes which needed constant cleaning, the QIC-525 is much cleaner in operation with 1/3 the errors.

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