Donald Trump’s Real-Estate Tycoon was released on November 2, 2002 by Activision Value. The game was developed by RedCap. Donald Trump’s Real-Estate Tycoon is a business simulation.

The game is named after Donald Trump who provided his voice for the game.

Be prepared to go head to head with the biggest real estate tycoon ever. You will have the ability to buy and sell land and buildings around the world. Your goal will be to de-throne the king, and take over as the worlds biggest Real Estate Tycoon.

The goal is to beat Donald Trump by becoming the most influential business magnate. In the Windows version, the player must choose the best real estate location in one of five cities: Los Angeles, New York City, Atlantic City, London and Paris.

The game features four different types of real estate: commercial, hotel, office, and residential. This is not unlike SimCity etc. but not as refined so you cannot move freely around etc.

Each type of real estate comes in three different building sizes: small, medium, and large..

A player may choose and purchase a piece of real estate. The price varies on its size or how long the game progresses. After the land is purchased, a building can be constructed on it.

See if you have what it takes to go head-to-head with Donald Trump, a real-estate mogul. Donald Trump’s Real Estate Tycoon gives you the chance to enter the fast-paced world of real estate.


  • Design office space to appeal to a large audience
  • Choose your real estate carefully from several locations
  • Attempt to sabotage Donald Trump’s status by devaluing his property
  • Be prepared for the unexpected
  • Natural disasters can cause more damage than a healthy competition ever could
  • Advertise to help attract additional occupants in your building
  • Keep your building in good condition and hire maintenance personnel
  • Travel around the world to London and Paris to build your empire
  • Character dialects will reflect the city you are located in
  • Features 5 international cities: New York, Atlantic City, Paris, London, and LA


Windows 98 or better. Pentium III 733 or better and 512MB memory or better. DX9 graphics.

The game is hard coded to 640×480 with no option for higher screen resolutions.