Bill Gates had a Viewsonic ViewPad 1000 tablet PC at the Comdex  2002 when he made a speech about the new class of personal computer. He mentioned that many improvements were needed to make tablets a more viable platform for users. We agree but this machine is still a marvel in its own right.

Microsoft has spent over $400 million on research into mobile machines including tablets.

It’s understandable that IBM and Dell are sill uncertain about the future for tablet machines. Still Microsoft is very interested in mobile and they are continuing to invest heavily.

Desktop machines at COMDEX were mostly in the media but this tablet machine is a real game changer for mobile users. Intel was marketing the new Pentium IV with a 800 MHz FSB while AMD was showing their new Athlon CPU.

The weight is a tab heavy but suspect newer models will figure out how to fix that problem. Light weight will make tablets perfect for all kinds of use such as warehouse orders and more. The screen resolution is a tad low and moving to XGA 1024×768 will likely be the next step up.

512MB of memory is ideal for Windows 2000 and even new Windows XP. The single core Celeron has to work hard and some L1 and L2 cache memory would have done lots for the performance.