Inquisition was released circa November 2002 by Wanadoo who also developed the game. Inquisition is a third-person role playing game.

It’s 1348. Matthew, a young thief, comes to Paris seeking his fortune.A bungled burglary lands him in Châtelet prison, where he meets Jack, an elder Templar knight, who has taken a serious beating at the hands of the Inquisition torturers. Just before dying, he gives Matthew a seal, seemingly the first step towards finding the Treasure of the Templar Knights.

From that moment on, the agile Matthew has just one thing on his mind: getting out of Châtelet prison and onto the trail of the impenetrable secret of the Templar Order.

Mercilessly pursued by the Inquisition and wading his way through vile plague-infested mass graves, Matthew will need to use all of his skill to stay alive, and perhaps go on to discover the incredible secret of the Temple Order.

He’ll have Inquisitors, bloodthirsty pillaging “skinners”, wretched beggars and esoteric brothers hot on his heels on the roads of a kingdom with the greatest scourge of all time: The Black Plague.


Windows 98 or better. 256MB of memory. DX9 graphics.