XIII was released on November 13, 2003 by Microids. The game was developed by Ubisoft Paris. XIII is a first person shooter.

You are the victim of a conspiracy! The FBI, CIA and a group of murderers are chasing you. XIII… This strange tattoo and the key of a safe are your only clues to survive and claim your innocence! It’s time to gear up and eliminate your ennemies!

The President of the United States of America has been assassinated and you’re the world’s prime suspect. The FBI, the CIA, and a gang of murderous killers are trying to hunt you down. Stricken with amnesia you remember nothing, not even who you are. You’re on your own and there is no one you can trust. All you have is a safe deposit key, a mysterious tattoo, and a gun. Clear your name, solve the mystery, and catch the true assassin before he strikes again.

This game is an FPS story based on conspiracy where you play a fugitive. The player will have to kill people on his way with firearms or cold steel. There is blood, screams and a zooming killcam when you shoot on an enemy’s head.

The comic book style is nice and the light stealth elements provide a nice change of pace from the standard run n gun gameplay (though that too is fun).

The game itself is fantastic, but the save system is broken. More often than not you come back to either an erased save or one that is one (or more) levels behind. Stealth missions are hard and unfair, but the rest of the game is enjoyable and is a good time over all. The storey is comic driven and cut scenes are comic based.

The player awakens on a beach and a woman finds him. Flashes of memory are seen in cutscenes, As the player awakens the woman is killed and the action begins.

The game has health packs with a small amount of recovery in them. Maps are small which is typical for games lately. As play continues the weapons evolve and the player can find ammo as the bodies are pillagble.


Operating SystemWindows XP or better
CPUIntel Pentium IV or better
Memory1 GB or more
Hard Drive Space2 GB
Graphics Hardware8600 GT or better
NetworkBroadband Internet Connection Required

This game is developed using the Unreal 2 engine. It has native controller support, but you have to manually map the 360’s controls in the DefUser.ini file.