Sometimes a new BIOS is needed to be able to use a new CPU on a motherboard. At times there are fixes to known problems.

Errors can be recovered by using the recovery disk to load a new BIOS. Most desktops and laptops use the optical drive to load a recovery BIOS however more recent machines now also can load a recovery BIOS from a USB stick. Our old Toshiba A21 uses the DVD drive but M5A99FX desktop can use a USB stick. USB floppy drives and 1.44MB diskettes are inexpensive.

Our old Toshiba Satellite 2800 has a floppy disk drive and it can be booted from that drive. This affords us the ability to load DOS and make a custom boot floppy. While the machine has a single floppy drive, it can format B: and DOS will prompt to change the diskette.

To make a recovery DVD you need to make a bootable floppy as the master, which is used by the boot loader on the CD and DVD etc.

So if you boot a Windows 98 CD it also has DOS with it so it can be used in addition to an older DOS disk or some alternative. The floppy needs only the basic format and system along with the BIOS. The file name of the BIOS is usually formalized. The BIOS manual will provide the specific file name to use.

The bootable floppy is custom and it can be used to boot a CD or DVD image. This is how the BIOS is recovered, same way the Windows installer is loaded from the boot loader.

PowerISO and other programs are able to make a boot ISO image. For small projects like a BIOS recovery, the program is free to use.


Lenovo and Toshiba both use Phoenix as their BIOS vendor. So you may need to find the Phoenix Crysis Recovery Disk. That package contains WINCRIS.EXE for a USB recovery. The BIOS file name is Bios.wph which is used by Lenovo and Toshiba. Copy the PFLASH16.EXE and the BIOS file to the freshly formatted floppy DOS diskette. Then with PowerISO make a bootable CD and you are ready to restore.


Some machines may need to be recovered by floppy disk. USB floppy disks are inexpensive and disks are still available. FreeDOS can be used if a DOS disk is not available.