Half-Life: Source was released on June 1, 2004 by Valve who also developed the game. Half-Life: Source is a first person shooter.

Half-Life: Source is a remastered version of Half-Life ported to the new Source engine that Valve developed for Half-Life 2 and most of the expansions. Half-Life has won so many awards due to its excellent gameplay and the great story for the campaign.

Half-Life: Source has a few problems when compared to the original, Valve has updated this version which has fixed most of the problems.

The new Source engine has many new capabilities and Valve wanted to try to modernize this classic game using the new new rendering engine.Half-Life: Source is the first game Valve released with the new engine.

The Source engine started off with considerable modification to the Quake engine Valued used with the original Half-Life. Even with Half-Life, Valve modified the Quake engine by 70% to satisfy the game features.

The Source engine is more modular which makes incremental updates easier. This also fixed the problem of breaking backwards compatibility. The Source engine has easy system requirements which makes the games playable on almost every machine out there.


Operating SystemWindows XP or better
Memory256 MB or more
Hard Drive Space694 MB
Graphics HardwareDX 7 graphics
NetworkBroadband Internet Connection Required