Gooka: The Mystery of Janatris was released June 25, 2004 by Cenega. The game was developed by Bohemia Interactive. Gooka: The Mystery of Janatris is a third person point-and-click action adventure game.

Gooka, a respected judge, returns home from a long journey. As the ship enters the harbour, he still hasn’t got a clue of what awaits him at home. Instead of being welcomed by his lady, the beautiful Lidra, and by joyful shouts of his son Yorimar, he’s welcomed only by burnt ruins. He learns that Lidra was badly injured in the fire and that Yorimar was kidnapped and nobody knows who did it or where they took him.

The vast majority of Gooka plays like a typical adventure game. The hero of the tale runs around, interacts with people, and tries to solve puzzles to complete various tasks.

Even though the challenges offered in Gooka will not be completely new to the experienced adventure gamer, some of the puzzles are quite interesting and fairly original.

The action is not solely represented by battle sequences. Gooka will also be faced with tasks requiring great player skill, such as mechanical traps in underground passages.

Most of the playing time is spent traveling the beautiful land of Janatris, investigating and gathering objects, holding conversations with characters and pondering the next step that will bring Gooka closer to finding his son Yorimar.


  • Telepathic powers of the main character, two tales: dreams and reality
  • RPG elements – the possibility to learn various skills, giving the game
  • High replay value
  • 40 NPC’s (non playing characters) to help you on your journey
  • Day and night time cycle
  • Turn based battles
  • Interesting puzzles
  • Engine animations for enhanced atmosphere
  • Game difficulty to suit everyone


Windows 2000, Pentium IV with 128MB and DX9 video.