geforce 6600 gt

The GeForce 6600 GT is basic video card for personal computers. The MSRP is MSRP $199

  • PCI Express
  • NV43 logic
  • 110nm TSMC, 154 mm² die size
  • 146 million transistors
  • Curie architecture
  • 8 pixel shaders
  • 3 vertex shaders
  • 8 TMUs
  • 4 ROPs
  • 128MB/256MB GDDR3, 128-bit interface, 16 GB/s bandwidth

NVIDIA supports shader model 3 with the 6600 GT and OpenGL 2.0.

A pair of 6600 GT 256MB does perk up gaming with a standard CRT monitor. There are a few LCD panels in magazines but prices are sky high. Dual cards allow games to run t 640×480 and some at 800×600 so dual cards has definitely some potential. The extra VRAM helps when Windows is running at 2048×1356 etc.

The Dell P991 monitor is 2048×1536 so it really pushes the need for more VRAM. While Windows 98 is still used by some, Windows 2000 is NT based and runs the 6600 GT cards more effectively. Windows XP also supports the 6600 GT allowing it to be a popular choice.

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