Xanadu Next was released in June 20, 2005 by SXEED Games Marvelous. The game was developed by Nihon Falcon. Xanadu Next is a role playing game.

Xanadu Next is Diablo/Zelda/Metroid for the most part but not quite metroidvania either..

The game is a spin-off of the 1985 action role-playing game Dragon Slayer II: Xanadu.

Players take on the role of Charlotte L. Wells has had her interest piqued by a local legend and desperately wishes to study it in person—but of course, Harlech Island is no place for an unescorted young lady. The game takes place at f Lake Orwell on Harlech Island.

A late entry in their immensely popular Dragon Slayer series and a spiritual follow-up to the late ‘80s cult classic Faxanadu, Xanadu Next puts players in the shoes of a gravely injured knight given a new lease on life through ancient magic who must now seek a legendary sword called “Dragon Slayer” to ensure his survival.

The usual monsters make up the game’s repertoire. The game features hordes of them to keep the action alive. RPG games are exploration based so there is much to discover.

One unique quality the game had was allowing players to switch between two different classes per level, using “Guardians”..

The soundtrack is rather good.

The game features Steamworks with trading cards and achievements.


This game will run on an old Pentium III running at 866 MHz and needs D9c graphics. So any recent box will do.