Quake 4 was released October 24, 2005 by Bethesda. The game was developed by Raven and idSoftware. Quake 4  is a first person shooter.

This  game asks for the key to be entered at each time the game is started . This is so arrogant that we are warning everyone to beware. This is reproducible with a clean install of Windows and only this game installed.

The game is a sequel to the original Quake 3 Arena but carries on game play like Quake and Quake 2. Plot wise the the the game follows Quake 2 with the Strogg as the opposition force. The movement of Quake 4 is similar to Quake III Arena and Quake Live, but with the additions of ramp jumping and crouch slides.

Crouch slides give players the ability to maintain speed by sliding around corners. Ramp Jumps allow players to gain extra height from jumping as they reach the top of an inclined object, which while present in the original Quake and Quake II was not included in Quake III Arena.

The game follows the story of a Marine named Matthew Kane who is a member of the fabled Rhino Squad. Rhino squad is tasked with spearheading the mission to finally secure the aliens’ home planet Stroggos. In the course of the invasion, the squad ship is shot down and crashes in the middle of a battle zone, separating Kane from his companions.

Kane eventually rejoins his scattered team members and partakes in the assault against the Strogg. Game play features heavy resistance that must be cleared.

Eventually the USS Hannibal is reached where new orders are received: infiltrating one of the Strogg’s central communication hubs, the Tetranode, with an electromagnetic pulse bomb in the hope that it will put the main Strogg Nexus in disarray. Kane is tasked with defending the mission convoy.

As Kane reaches the entrance to the Tetranode, however, he is greeted by two rocket-equipped network guardians as well as the newly constructed Makron. The Makron easily defeats Kane and knocks him unconscious. Upon awakening, Kane is on a conveyor belt being taken into a Strogg assembly line.

Before the final controlling neurochip implanted in his brain can be activated, though, Rhino Squad bursts into the facility and rescues Kane.

After escaping through the Strogg medical facility and Waste Disposal plant, fighting off zombie-like half-stroggified humans along the way, Kane is forced to combat his former commander, Lieutenant Voss, who has been fully stroggified into a powerful mechanized monster.

After defeating this threat, Kane and the remaining marines finally make it back to the Hannibal.


  1. Air Defense Bunker
  2. Air Defense Trenches
  3. Hanger Perimeter
  4. Interior Hanger
  5. MCC Landing Site
  6. Operation: Advantage
  7. Canyon
  8. Perimeter Defense Station
  9. Aqueducts
  10. Aqueducts Annex
  11. Nexus Hub Tunnels
  12. Nexus Hub
  13. Strogg Medical
  14. Construction Zone
  15. Dispersal Facility
  16. Recomposition Center
  17. Putrification Center
  18. Waste Processing Facility
  19. Operation: Last Hope
  20. Data Storage Terminal
  21. Data Storage Security
  22. Data Storage Security 2
  23. Tram Hub Station
  24. Tram Rail
  25. Data Processing Terminal
  26. Data Processing Security
  27. Data Processing Terminal 2
  28. Data Networking Terminal
  29. Data Networking Security
  30. Nexus Core
  31. The Nexus


  • Fight alongside other marines in both small squad missions along with large, epic battles
  • Diversity of combat with indoor and outdoor environments along with mechanized walkers and hover tanks to pilot
  • Battle through the early portion of the game as an elite marine, then after your capture as a Stroggified marine with enhanced abilities
  • Utilize hi-tech weaponry with upgradeable modifications
  • Arena-style multiplayer that allows players to play as Strogg or Marine in deathmatch, team deathmatch and capture-the-flag modes


False Dawn is set a number of years after the events of Quake 4, where you assume the role of the best of a new breed of soldier, the Stroggified Marine. You can go where no regular human can and have been called upon to save humanity from the threat of a mysterious new super weapon developed by the vicious Strogg!


Operating SystemWindows XP or better
CPUPentium IV or better
Memory512 MB or more
Hard Drive Space2.8 GB
Graphics HardwareDX9 64MB or better
NetworkBroadband Internet Connection Required

We suggest a card like our HD7870 or GTX 660 Ti is more than a match for this game. This way the game can be played with maximum graphics at 1920×1080 and enjoy the game at its finest.