The Stalin Subway was released December 8, 2005 by G5 Software. The game was developed by Orion Games. The Stalin Subway is a first person shooter.

The game is an old design for a first person shooter. Its set in the 1950s under the old Soviet regime. The game mostly is a recreation of the Moscow subway which has been used several times as a base for games.

G5 is a Russian company as is Orion. It seems that Russian games are starting to make inroads into the gaming market.

Immerse yourself in the dark atmosphere of Moscow during the 1950s. A covert plot against Stalin – the general secretary of the Soviet Communist Party – threatens to take the lives of innocent people.

Against his will, KGB officer Gleb Suvorov must prevent the attack and rescue the lives of innocent people. You’ll lead Gleb through a tempest of events where you’ll visit prominent sights in Moscow, control the trains of a secret underground tunnel, and use authentic weaponry–including the anti-tank rifle PTRS-41, RKG-3 grenades, Molotov cocktails, and flamethrowers.

The game is a relatively simple shooter, care is needed as the NPC can kill you quick. The doors are mostly operable but this ads more to the maze like qualities of the underground center.

The player’s health slowly recovers after a firefight but only partially. There are no available health packs so this game cannot be played Rambo style and survive. This makes the game much more of a survival shooter than most other games out there.

Weapons are picked up quickly and soon the player has a SMG to work with. Ammo is picked up from the fallen as the player progresses along the path. The weapons in the game mostly come from the Stalin period onwards to the 1970s.

  • Knife
  • Marakov pistol
  • Simonov SKS-45
  • Shpagin 41 SMG


  • The photorealistic representation of the most prominent Moscow sights: subway stations, the Kremlin, Moscow State University etc.
  •  The top-secret objects: a military transport underground dug-outs, Stalin’s bunker.
  •  Authentic weaponry, including such weapons as anti-tank rifle PTRS-41.
  •  The NPC-s are able to show the emotional reaction to the environment and the player’s actions.
  •  Control the trains of the secret underground line.
  •  Over 300 types of destructible objects.