ÜberSoldier was released March 29, 2006 by 2K Games. The game was developed by Burut Creative Team.

DO NOT BUY THIS GAMEWindows Vista and higher will flag this game as incompatible due to the virtual IDE drive used by Starforce DRM. Windows 8.1 will flag the driver as unsigned.

ÜberSoldier follows the journey of the fictitious Karl Stolz, a Nazi soldier who has, through the process of being killed in duty, then being resurrected, acquired supernatural powers which aid him in combat. Just before he was indoctrinated by the Nazis, a member of the German Resistance rescued him and effectively changed his loyalties. Karl Stolz now became the ÜberSoldier of the German Resistance helping them destroy the “ÜberSoldier fabrication” infrastructure.

A straight-up first-person shooter, Ubersoldier focuses on the action. You wield a handy knife for gutting foes, as well a number of authentic World War II rifles, pistols, submachine guns, and grenades.

You even get to control a submarine’s torpedoes and anti-aircraft guns during one mission.

The graphics for the weapon models and environments are first class, with excellent detail and sharp textures.

One of your paranormal Ubersoldier powers is the ability to put up a bullet shield, which can stop bullets in their tracks Matrix-style.

The ability is limited, however, as it is powered by a meter that gets re-charged by racking up head shots on your enemies in rapid succession. If your meter is powered enough, you can actually bounce bullets back at the enemies who shot at you.

The graphics of the effect are spectacular, featuring a blue shimmer that actually suspends the individual bullets in midair.

The campaign in Ubersoldier takes you across a slate of secret research facilities, bombed-out cities, military bases, and the aforementioned U-boat as you work for the Allies. Firefights are fast, frequent, and bloody, and the weapons feel as they have real force to them.

The AI in Ubersoldier is not exceedingly good. The bots will open up their machine guns the moment they see you and will heave grenades that will force you to clear out quickly — that is, if you’re not blown up first!


  • Play a resurrected German (No Suggestions) with paranormal powers
  • First-person shooter that supplies plenty of visceral carnage
  • Fight against cunning Nazi soldiers with hair-trigger reflexes
  • Stop bullets in mid-air with your paranormal UberSoldier powers
  • Use authentic WWII weapons, even including a U-boat’s torpedoes and AA guns
  • Headshot driven gameplay