Condemned: Criminal Origins was released April 11, 2006 by Sega. The game was developed by Monolith. Condemned: Criminal Origins is a first person shooter with role playing features.

The player takes on the role of Agent Ethan Thoma who is assigned to FBI Serial Crimes Unit.

The game might be a little on the clichéd size, but it has a good atmosphere, very good mélée combat, and a decent story. A pipe is an example of the modus operandi. Bullets are in short supply.

The guns that can be found, or taken from enemies, are only good for as long as the current ammo in the magazine lasts;.Once it’s out, the butt of the gun can be used as a weapon.

Blocking is needed sometimes before a strike and then again afterwards. This game is definitely not a run and gun shooter.

The game has some puzzle solving in it too which is not common in a shooter.

The game delves into the urban decay of drug addiction and mental health. Beating somebody with a shove makes Condemned: Criminal Origins pretty creepy.

This game is now available on Steam.


Windows XP, 2GHz CPU with 512MB memory.DX9 graphics with 128MB VRAM or more.