Tomb Raider: Legend was released  April 11, 2006 by Eidos. The game was developed by Crystal Dynamics. The game is an 3rd person action adventure title.

This game uses disc checks and Securom, Macromedia, Starforce, Tagès and other protection systems are being rejected by Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10 for security reasons (KB3086255).

Tomb Raider: Legend is the 7th entry in the core Tomb Raider franchise.

The story starts years ago with a nine-year-old Lara Croft who travelled with her mother, Amelia Croft, but their aircraft crash landed in the Himalayas.

After taking shelter in the ruins of an ancient Buddhist monastery, Lara discovered an ornate stone dais holding a sword while searching for firewood.

She then activated the ancient artifact by touching the giant stones surrounding the artifact.

Amelia appeared as a giant ring rose from the floor and then she heard something in the light emitting from the circle, she suddenly gasped and pulled out the sword. The dais exploded and Lara watched in horror as her mother vanished before her eyes.

Years later, Lara, now an adult, travels to the cliffs of Bolivia to find a similar stone dais located in the ruins of Tiwanaku, a pre-Incan civilization.

After some ordeals, she runs into a group of mercenaries who are under orders to kill her on sight. She disposes of them and proceeds to a temple encountering more mercenaries and dangerous native wildlife along the way.

Lara then finds her way to Peru. to confirm or disprove Amanda Evert’s death in a tragedy that befell them years ago. A teenaged Lara was excavating the tomb when she and Amanda witnessed an unknown demonic entity kill the rest of their team.

Amanda managed to entrap the wraith in a glowing stone she ripped from a wall, but she became trapped under falling rubble when escaping. While in the tomb, Lara discovers the artefact she is seeking may be linked to Excalibur (King Arthur legends) and that Amanda survived the cave-in and is searching for the sword, which had reportedly been broken into four fragments that are now spread across the globe. Now knowing what she is looking for, Lara recalls that one piece was stolen by Yakuza Kumicho Shogo Takamoto, and arranges a meeting with him.

Next Lara is off to Tokyo look for the next fragment. Takamoto refuses to surrender it and after being insulted by Lara, orders his men to kill her.

Lara assists the Kazahks in fighting against Rutland’s men, and races against Amanda to the lab. The train crashes inside the base, although both Amanda and Lara survive. Lara discovers that the laboratory was the location of failed experiments conducted on a sword fragment by the KGB fifty years ago.

Following a map on the back of the shield (Lancelot), Lara is off to Cornwall. Piecing together the 4 fragments leads into battle. After escaping a sea serpent guarding the tomb, Lara returns to her home to figure out how to reforge Excalibur, and realizes that the Ghalali Key Rutland mentioned was in fact a pendant belonging to her mother, who had it with her in the plane crash. Lara returns to the crash site in Nepal and finds the Key. She then proceeds with a heavy heart to the temple where she last saw her mother and uses the Ghalali Key to restore Excalibur, then attempts but fails to reactivate the broken dais there, before escaping the collapsing temple.

The game ends as Lara leaves Bolivia, giving orders to Zip and Alister as she begins the quest for her mother.


  • Join Lara on her latest quest in this action-adventure game
  • Use the environment, technical gear, and weapons to overcome challenges
  • Revamped control system provides intuitive and fluid character movement
  • Dynamic animation system; vast array of cinematic and exotic locations

This game also has an above average soundtrack which helps considerably to create a better immersive experience.